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Press Release – Video Platform BoClips (Ed Tech – Pre-Fund 2014) Majority Exit to U.S Private Equity After 6-8 Years Nexus Hold

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Boclips is thrilled to share that they have started a new chapter with Achieve Partners. Like Boclips, Achieve is committed to transforming education with technology and rich media content. Achieve has partnered with Boclips to help them accelerate their mission and captivate every kind of learner with videos and podcasts.

“Video-based learning experiences have become table stakes in today’s post pandemic hybrid learning environments, but courseware providers and educators often still find themselves navigating a maze of materials in order to find the clips that best suit their needs,” said David Bainbridge, Founder and CEO of Boclips. “Our work is about leveraging AI to curate the highest-quality videos and podcasts from a massive library of relevant content to help deliver the right resource at the right time.”

Achieve will help Boclips continue and expand this work.

Of Boclips, Achieve Partners Managing Director Troy Williams said, “Despite the enormous popularity of videos and podcasts in the classroom, too many educators and content providers still have no consistent way to access content that is high-quality, copyright cleared and aligned with pedagogical goals. Boclips’ unique approach and platform bring much-needed structure, security, and relevance to make sense of a seemingly endless universe of video and audio content — and, in turn, help to improve academic outcomes for students.”

Read the full press release here.

About Achieve Partners

Achieve Partners is engineering the future of learning and earning by investing in cutting edge technologies and novel business models to bolster skill development and secure the future of work for millions of Americans. By harnessing digital transformation, Achieve helps teachers, administrators, and schools improve student learning and outcomes.

About Boclips

Since 2014, Boclips has worked with publishers and education providers worldwide to enrich learning with the world’s best educational videos and podcasts. Boclips is the industry’s trusted destination for rich media that are vetted for quality, sourced from leading creators, and curated specifically for education.

What does this mean for BoClips’ clients?

Boclips client experiences won’t be impacted by the partnership with Achieve. The partnership will, however, enable Boclips to grow our rich media solutions, make education more engaging for learners, and better serve their clients.