“We feel lucky to have an investor who can provide such a high quality of advice.”

A fantastic afternoon with @NexusInvest and such a positive message being delivered by the rising stars of the UK. Great to meet @Perkierfoods and @everpresshq and hear their vision for the future.


Thank you so much to @RetailSAwards for selecting HubBox as the Most Disruptive Retail Technology of 2019! What a great way to start a Friday! 🎊🎉 https://t.co/rn7rnAHCHi

Who do you think will feature in this week's @thesundaytimes Angel Q&A?
Take a look at last Sundays with @NexusInvest's MD @matteroo78 sharing his deep sector expertise #mission #driven #vc #angel #invest #eis

@NexusInvest portfolio company @soupologie features on Waitrose's Magazine!
We like to back founders that promote a healthy lifestyle!!
#freefrom #Soup #health #invest #growth_equity #eis https://t.co/SBeLuhOLYN

A startup that helps people make money will make money itself. Both Viaweb and Y Combinator did this. And so do Airbnb and Stripe.

It's not the only recipe for a startup, but it's a good one.

Margrethe Vestager fined Google and Apple billions, now she may lead Europe https://t.co/KcCteo2ltS

Tim Berners-Lee says that non-interoperability is preventing consumers from tapping into own #data. His MIT team is working on a new protocol - Solid, to make Web 2.0 #interoperable. Contact ipushpull for cross application data interoperability needs. https://t.co/pSzphtrkgt

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