“We feel lucky to have an investor who can provide such a high quality of advice.”

Investor Spotlight: Matthew O'Kane, Nexus Investments | G By Grant Thornton via @growwithG
How we see the World!!
Take a look at https://t.co/ejMxGDglk2
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Managed by a division of the 25-year old Nexus Group, the Nexus Investment’s Scale-Up Fund focusses on the specialist areas of Data, Digital, Education and Health. It is open for EIS investors. More information at https://t.co/hRumiqyQsD
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The Nexus Investments’ Scale-Up Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), giving investors a curated and diversified portfolio of 8-10+ exciting scale-up EIS-qualifying companies in the UK. More information and application forms at https://t.co/hRumiqQrRd
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